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Science 1511/2 Past Year SPM 2014

Posted on: May 4th, 2015 by admin

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Sains Kertas 2 SPM 2014 Lembaga Peperiksaan, KPM, Putrajaya. (Science Paper 2 Actual SPM Questions, year 2014. Board of Examination, Ministry of Education Malaysia)

Questions at a Glance.
about an experiment to study the heat conductivity between metal and non-metal. Q2 about the coloured light seen on the white screen when two primary coloured lights are projected.  Q3 about A student conducted an experiment to study the action of yeast in making bread. Q4 about A student conducted an experiment to study the effect of nutrient deficiency on the growth of pea seedling. Q5 shows a student sitting cross-legged on a chair. A friend hits lightly below part of the student’s knee cap with a rubber hammer.  Q6 about production of electricity from nuclear power station.  Q7 about alloys and their composition. Q8 about percentage of saturated fat in the food which are originated from animals and plants. Q9 about operational principle of a two stroke petrol engine.  Q10 about momentum versus mass for a moving object.  Q11 ask about differences between identical twins and non-identical twins.  Q12 Explain how pasteurisation process is carried out.

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