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Physics 4531/3 Past Year SPM 2014

Posted on: March 28th, 2015 by admin

Soalan SPM Tahun 2014 Lembaga Peperiksaan, KPM, Putrajaya. Fizik Kertas 3 (Physics Paper 3 Actual SPM Questions, year 2014. Board of Examination, Ministry Of Education Malaysia)

Questions at a Glance.
Q1. A student carries out an experiment to investigate the relationship between the voltage, V, and the current, I, flows through a fixed length of a constantan wire. Page 4 shows the zero error, x, on the voltmeter. The experiment is carried out by adjusting the rheostat to set a value of current, I, to obtain the responding value of voltage, V. Page 4 also shows the reading of voltmeter, V, when current, I, is adjusted at I=0.1A.
Q2. A student carries out an experiment to investigate the relationship between force, F, and the extension of spring, x. The results of this experiment are shown in the graph of x against F. The spring constant, k of the spring is given by formulae F=kx; This experiment is repeated by using two identical springs arranged in parallel.
Q3. Diagram below shows a man pulling a fishing rod with a force when the fish is fully immersed in water. Another diagram shows the man has to pull the fishing rod with bigger force when the fish is partially immersed in the water.
State one suitable inference and one suitable hypothesis.  With the use of apparatus such as a spring balance, cylindrical steel rod and other suitable apparatus, describe one experiment to investigate the hypothesis stated above

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