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Perdagangan Kertas 1, 2 SPM 2013 LPKPM

Posted on: January 12th, 2014 by admin

Peperiksaan Sebenar SPM Tahun 2013 Lembaga Peperiksaan, Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia, Putrajaya. Perdagangan Kertas 1, 2 (Commerce Studies Paper 1, 2 SPM year 2013. Board of Examination, MOE Malaysia)

Managing Your Time
Time management is a big problem for some of us to deal with. People are becoming so engage in their own daily lives that they do not understand the importance of effective time management.
There are a number of things in our lives that get put in the backburner when actually they should be the prime subject in our daily programme. Lots of stress arising from day to day chores are from not being able to properly manage the time.
People will attempt to cram a lot of things into one day, and actually understand deep inside their head that all those things cannot be accomplished within that limited period of time. You must set aside time to get some good rest so that you’ll be refreshed and energized for the next day.
To be able to become stress-free, it is vital that you learn how to prioritize and efficiently manage your own time. Understanding what should come first and what should come later, what is more important and more urgent, what brings greater impact is very important for you to decide things that you can postpone to next day. 

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