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English Language 1119 Paper 1 and 2 SPM 2014

Posted on: March 12th, 2015 by admin

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Actual SPM Examination Year 2014 Lembaga Peperiksaan, KPM, Putrajaya. Bahasa Inggeris Kertas 1, 2 (English Language Paper 1 and 2  SPM year 2014. Board of Examination, MOE Malaysia)

Why People Fail To Reach The Target They Set? 

It needs to be MEASURABLE. Lots of matters that aren’t real are difficult to quantify and there are matters which are truly measurable for the simple fact that it can be compute or evaluate. Consider the service teams for instance, it is difficult to measure the way the service was delivered but in the event how many complaints was received then there is a concrete way which can be utilized to rate the quality of the service.

It needs to be ATTAINABLE. The resources accessible give informative data on how an object may be achieved. This must be something which is based on fact and is realistically achievable. It may be that a specific objective is realistic but the time frame to reap the result might not be. It’s better to set objectives that can be factualise for this will encourage motivation as opposed to an objective taken from belief because this might cause sudden failure and feeling of discouragement.

It needs to be RESULT-ORIENTED. An objective needs to be stated clearly so that any anticipation from it is clear. Focus to the end effect as this is the guide if the objective to achieve the target is successful and meaningful. Is this objective likely to help an individual develop or triumph? Can it be advantageous to all involved?

After the success was achieved and most of the plans were completed then it is a success.  …. Part 1

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