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Biology 4551 Paper 2 & 3 Past Year SPM 2015

Posted on: April 3rd, 2016 by admin

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Kertas Tahun Lepas. SPM 2015 Lembaga Peperiksaan, KPM, Putrajaya. Biologi Kertas 2 dan 3 (Biology Paper 2 & 3 Actual SPM Questions, year 2015. Board of Examination, Ministry of Education Malaysia)

Questions at a Glance.
Paper 3
1. Human activities are the main cause for the increasing of water pollution level in most countries. The dissolved oxygen concentration in the water can be used as an indicator of water pollution level. A group of students carried out an experiment to study the level of water pollution in four different sources of water, P, Q, R and S. Water samples from P, Q, R and S are tested using methylene blue solution to detect the dissolved oxygen concentration in the water.
2. Intraspecific competition is a competition between individuals of the same species, while the interspecific competition is a competition between individuals of different species. Plants compete among the same species or different species for light intensity, water, nutrients and space to live. Based on the above information, plan an experiment in the laboratory to investigate the effect of distance between green bean plants on their growth.

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